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Q. How can I submit my store details?

A. In order to get listed on you need to contact us prior anything else. All submissions are approved manual. Please use our email listed on contact page to get in touch.

Q: Can we submit links to our stores?

A: No we don't allow any external links to your site. Sorry.

Q: What kind of details can i include into my submission?

A: Store name, address, zip code, phone number

Q. Do you charge fees for listings?

A. No we don't. is a FREE site and it will remain FREE. You can add your store details FREE of charge.

Q. How much does it take to be approved?

3. Usually 5 working days. We try to be as fast as possible.

Q. I noticed some incorrect inputs for my business. Can I updated my store details?

Yes. Please submit an email with subject: Store updated. Also include the correct link to your store.

Q. My business is closed. Can I remove my listing?

5. Yes. Use same method as in question 4. Subject: Remove my store.

Q. Can I advertise on

At the moment we don't offer advertisements spots on But you can check later.